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                                                                           To all Trousdale Homeowners:

Why should you join our Patrol Service? Because, unlike other providers, we have a DEDICATED 24 HOUR, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, CAR IN TROUSDALE WITH AN ARMED GUARD provided by Security Service Systems. TEHA has made this service available to our homeowners since 1980; because our car is in Trousdale 24/7, our response time, to our member’s emergency calls, is very rapid.


The cost for our service is $140.00 per month and includes “Escort Service” which many of our members find valuable. More participation could reduce the cost.


Security Service Systems, a local company, not only provides our private armed guard but can monitor your existing alarm at a competitive cost, repair your existing system or install a new system.


For our mutual benefit, help us to maintain a visible patrol and posted streets.  The prevention of crime in the area is of the utmost importance.  Please consider joining our Trousdale Security Patrol.


For more information, call George Aceves, the owner of Security Service Systems, at 310 477-2095, he will be happy to meet with you personally or answer your questions by phone.

Trousdale Security Patrol

Trousdale Estates Homeowners Association

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Board of Directors

Alan E. Berlin President

Alice Lassally

Vice President

Karen Platt Secretary

Elizabeth Vienneau Recording Secretary

June Berliner

June M. Dowad

Mike J. Franks

Constance T. Gavin

Bernice Gershon

Carolyn Gordon

Hekmet Hekmetraven

Jeffrey Hyland

Alan Iezman

Richard Kahn

Kenneth J. Kay

Judith T. Linde

Phyllis C. Parvin

Randy Simon

Marjorie Lord Volk